Electric-Roller-Shutter-Modern-Garage-Doors-DesignsAs technology gets better and better. Over the past years garage doors have evolved. Garage doors are more computerized than ever before. Being one of the first parts of the home to start using digital wireless signals.

With more advance technology garage doors are now more functional, secured, and safe when it comes to protecting homes. There are now apps available that can be installed on a person’s phone to control their garage door like a remote.


There’s plenty apps to choose from with different features and abilities. They all have their pros and cons when using. It’s important to make sure you choose the right app that works for your phone and the automatic lift you’re using. Some apps only work for certain manufacturers and others can work with all varieties.


No matter what type of smartphone you have, Android, Window, Google, Apple, or even Blackberry. You’ll be able to find the right app that works for you unless your garage door opener is old and out dated. If so you can always buy and install a more updated garage door opener.

A lot of newer models of garage door openers are starting to be able to connect to the Internet. This gives the homeowner more ability to control their garage door with widespread connectivity.


Internet Connectivity With Garage Doors


Being connected to the Internet lets homeowners keep control of their garage door and home where ever they have Internet access. They can also receive alerts from their smartphones if someone unauthorized is accessing their garage door.

With Internet access a homeowner can know if their Garage door is open or closed with notifications sent straight to their smartphone.

Another thing that’s been getting even better over the past years is garage door designs. There is now more beautiful designs that can give homeowners a perfect look and still achieve long lasting reliability just like some of the old classic doors that used wood, aluminium, and steel.

Companies are now starting to use newer materials to create doors that helps against moisture and sunlight. These type of materials such as PVC fiberglass help extend the lifespan of the door.